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Melandre's talented color group can create or correct virtually all phases of hair coloring- from pastel blondes to vibrant reds to dramatic brunettes. Our foil and painting highlighting techniques are "state of the art" creating beautiful dimension and movement to accent any style.

All Price From

Color Retouch                               $90 +
American Balayage                       $275
Retouch w/Full Highlight                 $280
Retouch w/Partial Highlight             $250
Retouch w/Lowlights                      $230
Full Foil Highlight                           $230
Partial Foil Highlight                       $200
Accent Foil Highlight                      $150
Full Foil High & Lowlight           
Lowlight                                       $185
Refreshing Glaze                           $60
Men's Color                                 $55
Corrective Color                           Varies


Pricing is based on a level system. All prices start from above mentioned and range based on seniority.

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