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Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, we have the perfect solution for any hair type. We can add volume and texture to straight hair, make unruly curly hair soft, flowing & gorgeous.  Schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation with one of our specially trained stylists.

All Price From

Keratin Straightening    $200 - $450

Keratin Express             $100 - $250

Permanent Wave         $100+


If you are suddenly experiencing a change in your hair and scalp we have the perfect treatment for you.  We can aid in a variety of hair and scalp conditions from hair loss, lack of volume to calming unruly frizzy hair.  Our scalp treatments include a scalp preparation, deep conditioning and a soothing scalp massage.  To compliment your treatment we recommend a blowout post service.

All Price From

Hereditary hair loss                     $25
Sudden hair loss                 
Irritated scalp treatment                $25
Dry hair and scalp                      $25
Anti-aging hair treatment       
Volumizing treatment             
Unruly, rebellious treatment

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