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Our creative design team works hard to stay current with
evolving trends, seasonal looks, and innovative ideas, personalizing an image to complement your hair type, facial structure and lifestyle.


Melandre's talented color group can create or correct virtually all phases of hair coloring- from pastel blondes to vibrant reds to dramatic brunettes. Our foil and painting highlighting techniques are "state of the art" creating beautiful dimension and movement to accent any style.


Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, we have the perfect solution for any hair type. We can add volume and texture to straight hair. Make unruly curly hair soft, flowing & gorgeous. Schedule an appointment for your consultation with one our of specially trained stylist.


We believe that beauty is as much of a state of mind as a physical attribute. We strive to ensure that each client leaves our spa feeling better in both body and mind. 

We offer on array of holistic spa services, as well result driven as medi-spa services.

We have carefully crafted an experience to ensure you feel your most beautiful during every visit and after your stay.


You deserve to feel this good


Have a special occasion? The stylists at  Melandre will craft the perfect look for your special event. From sophisticated and classy to fun and flirty or voluptuous lose curls our artistic team will create a look that is uniquely your own. 


If you are suddenly experiencing a change in your hair and scalp we have the solution for you. We can aid in a variety of hair and scalp conditions from hear loss, lack of volume to calming unruly frizzy hair. Our scalp treatments include a scalp preparation, deep conditioning and a soothing Kelp massage. To compliment your treatment we recommend a blowout post service.


Bloomingnalls is the nail salon at melandre. To schedule an appointemtn please call 973-667-6007.

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